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A Stronger, Healthier You Is One PUSHH Away

Start your fitness journey today with a 7 day FREE trial

Start your fitness journey today with a 7 day FREE trial


Your Fitness Journey Begins With PUSHH

Discover the number one resistance training app for women. Transform your body with our personalised training programs, guided coaching and education, all in the palm of your hand. We’ll empower you to start embracing resistance training in the gym or at home, gently guiding you through every step of your journey.

Personalised programs

Programs that are personalised towards your goals

No matter your goal, Pushh has a program to get you there. Choose from our sculpt, tone, build booty and fat loss categories to get you on the perfect fitness journey. Each program is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

  • Sculpt
  • Tone
  • Fat Loss
  • Build Booty

We help you become your best self

“This app will change your life. I followed Gigi’s program, and it was honestly incredible. It totally transformed my mind and body, making me a stronger, healthier and more confident person. The best part was I could do it all from the comfort of my own home when I wanted to. I’d recommend this app to anyone who wants to achieve amazing results!”

- Monique Bunnell


Reach All Your Goals On Your
Terms & Schedule

  • Track Your Progress

    Record your progress and follow your improvement over time

  • Replace Exercises

    Personalise your program with your favourite exercises to target specific areas

  • Your Life, Your Schedule

    Pushh seamlessly integrates with your lifestyle, giving you the flexibility to workout your way

  • Reach Daily Targets

    Keep track of your daily activity and reach your fitness goals every day.

Join PUSHH Today with a 7 Day Free Trial

Start your journey and experience how a week of Pushh can transform your fitness and confidence with a 7 Day FREE Trial and only 23 cents per day* after trial

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