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7 Steps To Overcoming Gymtimidation

Feeling intimidated by the weights room? At Pushh, we completely understand. As a space often dominated by men, and for so long felt like a forbidden zone, it can be difficult to step foot in the squat rack for the first time.

The good news is, you’re not alone. Many women within our community and beyond feel that exact same intimidation and fear. But now is the time this all changes.

If you’re a woman that wants to shape, tone and build her body, embracing resistance training is the best (and only) way to do it. Not to mention all the other health benefits of resistance training too, both mental and physical.

To help you overcome gymtimidation and make the transition from cardio to resistance training easier, we’ve listed some of our favourite tips and tricks to help ease that anxiety!

  1. Follow a program

Having a program can take the guesswork out of the gym and weights room! Everything you need to do is right in front of you, helping you feel confident, calm and educated. It can also take away the most stressful part of being in the weights room - having to decide what exercises you want to do.  

The Pushh app has video and audio instructions to make sure you’re empowered to take on the weights room without hesitation. Our Coaches Giorgia and Maya will be by your side explaining how to perform each movement in simple and clear ways.

  1. Listen to your own music 

Plug into your own music and play your favourite tunes. Sometimes music can be that perfect distraction, and keep you occupied as you go through your sets. It can also help with eliminating any external distractions, so all you need to focus on is your program. There’s also something super empowering about playing your favourite songs while you train, so don’t be afraid to motivate yourself with some tunes!

  1. Start off slow

If you’re new to the weights room, picking workouts that are advanced might only add to your overwhelmed feelings. There’s nothing wrong with taking it slowly and gradually building up to the level you want to reach.

  1. Don't be afraid to do research before you get into the gym 

 For a lot of people, the nerves of the weights room comes from not knowing how to perform certain movements. But if you’re clear on what is required, it can help keep those nerves under control.Whether it’s the night before, or just before you leave to go to the gym, make sure you’re familiar with every movement in your program for that day. Watch the detailed Pushh instructional videos and do some Google searching to make sure you’re feeling as confident as you can before entering the weights room!

  1. Timing 

If you’re still nervous about getting into the weights room, you can try training at times that are less busy. Popular times at the gym are usually a couple hours before and after a normal 9-5 working day. If you’re able to go during the middle of the day, or later at night, there’s a good chance that the gym crowds will have eased!

  1. Take a gym buddy

Pushh friends are the best friends! Taking someone to the gym with you can make it that little less scary. Message your bestie, pick a workout, and do it together. 

  1. Remember, nobody is really watching you

For those of us that feel self conscious, going into the weights room can only amplify this. It’s important to note that people really aren't looking at you. Most of the time, everyone else in the gym is in their own world, working at their own pace. Most people are focusing on their own weights, their own program, and their own space. 

Remember, not every session is going to be perfect, and the only way to improve and get more comfortable is to keep at it, and keep going. Don’t let those nerves deter you!

By Mariah Lattas

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