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How to Use the Pushh App

The Pushh app is here, and ready to be your biggest cheerleader on your fitness journey. It’s time to feel empowered through resistance training with expert coaches Giorgia Piscina and Maya Basse! We’ve made a guide on how to use Pushh with some commonly asked questions answered below: 

What is the Pushh app? 

We have an article about this here! You can also meet the coaches here! 

For many women, the weight room has often felt off-limits.

Whether it’s intimidation, body insecurities or that old myth of becoming ‘too bulky’, women often feel like they don’t belong in the squat rack, instead confining themselves to the cardio room and stretching areas, or even avoiding the gym altogether. Every day, these gender lines and stereotypes see women miss out on the benefits of resistance training and the chance to become a stronger, healthier, more confident person.

We want to change this.

PUSHH has been created to empower all women to embrace strength training in the gym or at home. We’re the number one app for women’s resistance training, helping you attain a strong, sculpted body through the power of our workouts.

For women who don’t have access to gym equipment or who want to sweat in the comfort of their own home, every PUSHH training program features an at-home version offering all of the same benefits! Not having access to gym equipment shouldn't be a barrier to a better body!

PUSHH is your coach, your community and also your cheerleader, all in the palm of your hand. We want the squat rack to feel like a second home and a safe space for women, helping them change their relationship with their body, while overcoming feelings of anxiety, intimidation and self-doubt. 

What is the Today tab? 

The information hub for your program! Here is where you can see your calendar, what you’ve got scheduled for today, a wrap up of your activity (steps and calories), and quick workout options.   

What is the Progress tab? 

This is where you track your progress throughout your Pushh journey! You can choose to track by your weight or photos (or both). This easy to use function is the perfect reflection tool to see just how far you’ve come. 

What is the Learn tab?  

It’s so empowering to constantly learn and educate yourself during your fitness journey, and this is the section of the Pushh app that does just that! We publish regular, weekly articles to broaden your knowledge on a range of topics such as nutrition, training, mindset, recovery and so much more. We speak to professionals in all fields, to bring you the highest quality information, so you can succeed with the best tools in hand.  

What is the Calendar and how do I use it? 

When you choose a program, your workouts will fill in the days where you are required to do a workout, and when to rest. 

You can choose the pre-selected days to train that your coach recommends, or you can choose your own days. You can select either option when joining the program. 

What program is right for me? 

When you’re onboarding to the Pushh app, we ask specific questions to find out which program best suits you and your lifestyle. We then suggest a program that is perfect for you based on what you’ve told us about yourself. 

If you’re still unsure, it might be time to revisit your goals. Are you wanting to build muscle, or lose weight, or both? We’ve got programs for all! Once you’ve got that set, take a read of each of the descriptions of all the programs, and see which one aligns with your goals. 

What is the difference between the Tone, Sculpt, Fat Loss, and Build Booty categories? 

Tone: Define your curves. A gym program that is the perfect combination of losing fat and building muscle to achieve a defined look. Using a mix of strength and HIIT training, you'll tone up in all right places. 

Sculpt: Strong from the inside out. Sculpt is an in-depth gym program that uses resistance and strength training to build your body. Sculpt your body, and discover your new found confidence. 

Fat Loss: Lose weight your way in the gym. Get confident, capable and comfortable in your own skin with a combination of strength training and high intensity cardio. 

Build Booty: A program to build, sculpt, and lift your booty in the gym. If you're wanting a strong, yet feminine shape for your lower body, this is the program that will build the booty of your dreams.   

What is a Quick Workout? 

If you’re short on time, our Quick Workouts are designed to squeeze into your schedule. Get your heart-racing, muscles activating, and sweat dripping with short workouts that you can do, anywhere, anytime. You can find these in the Today tab. 

Can I add workouts? 

Yes! You can add a workout on your rest day. Simply go into the calendar on the rest day and tap ‘Add Workout’. 

And if you still want more, you can do a quick workout at any time.

Are there step by step instructions on how to perform each exercise? 

When you're on the video of the exercise during your workout, the arrow pointing up at the bottom of your screen, swipe up and you’ll find step by step instructions on how to perform the exercise. 

Can I swap exercises if I can’t do them? 

Yes, you can change the exercise during the workout! Make sure to start the workout. Then tap the arrow and the bottom of the screen, this will then bring up the exercise details screen. Tap the swapping arrows icon on the right hand side of the screen. The arrows icon should look like this: 

A list of replacement exercises should then appear. 

By Mariah Lattas

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