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Meet the Coaches: Maya Basse

Maya Basse has been in the teaching space for about 10 years. Starting off as a primary school teacher, to then transferring those skills into the fitness industry, Maya has firmly cemented her place in the world of exercise. At 32 years old, she has been in the coaching space for five years, one on one training with clients in a gym. Maya moved into personal training to be able work closely with women, helping them develop into the versions of themselves that they really want to be, in and outside of the gym.  She has now decided to take the plunge into the online coaching space, to coach and work with more women than ever. 

Pushh: Why did you become a personal trainer? 

Maya: “The reason I became a coach was because I had important coaches that helped me reach that next level of myself. I went through a period in my 20’s where I became quite lonely and didn't have the support that I needed, and had no choice but to be her own coach.”  

“Throughout the transformational period, I realised that I could potentially do it as a career, and help others who were struggling with the same thing! I realised that she wanted to help other women to develop their own inner coach, to build the skill-set of getting through tough situations, and take their life to the next level.” 

Pushh: Favourite part of being a coach? 

Maya: “Seeing when a woman discovers something about herself that has always been there, she just didn't know she had it inside of her, and she brings it out and starts to use it and all of her goals fall into place. She feels empowered because she knows that it was her that did it. That is by far my favourite part of being a coach” 

Pushh: Favourite type of training? 

Maya:My favourite style of training was initially being part of a team. But after a certain age, playing team sports became less frequent she turned to strength training. I turned to resistance training and love lifting weights. I love seeing how far I can take my performance in the gym, as well as the physical results you get too from building your muscles.” 

Pushh: Describe your personality to us?

Maya: “I like to be the best of both worlds. I can be a balance of introvert and extrovert. I pride herself on a flexible personality, being a mixture of chilled, yet confident. But also very empowering too!”

Pushh: What are you most excited about with being a Pushh coach? 

Maya:I can’t hold back my excitement because I finally can get that team environment feel. I cannot wait to be working with so many women with their strength goals as well as helping you develop a better mindset to help create the life they have always wanted.”  
By Mariah Lattas

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