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PUSHH: The Resistance Training App For Women

For many women, the weight room has often felt off-limits.

Whether it’s intimidation, body insecurities or that old myth of becoming ‘too bulky’, women often feel like they don’t belong in the squat rack, instead confining themselves to the cardio room and stretching areas, or even avoiding the gym altogether. Every day, these gender lines and stereotypes see women miss out on the benefits of resistance training and the chance to become a stronger, healthier, more confident person.

We want to change this.

PUSHH has been created to empower all women to embrace strength training in the gym or at home. We’re the number one app for women’s resistance training, helping you attain a strong, sculpted body through the power of our workouts.

For women who don’t have access to gym equipment or who want to sweat in the comfort of their own home, every PUSHH training program features an at-home version offering all of the same benefits! Not having access to gym equipment shouldn't be a barrier to a better body!

PUSHH is your coach, your community and also your cheerleader, all in the palm of your hand. We want the squat rack to feel like a second home and a safe space for women, helping them change their relationship with their body, while overcoming feelings of anxiety, intimidation and self-doubt.

What’s Our Goal?
Gymtimidation shouldn’t mean women have to miss out on a stronger, more confident self. Our goal is to give women the empowerment, education and inspiration to tone and sculpt their physique through resistance training. We advocate stronger, not skinner bodies.

What’s Resistance Training?
Resistance training is a form of activity designed to improve your muscular fitness by exercising a muscle or muscle group against external resistance. The external resistance can be the dumbbells and machines found in gyms, but also your own bodyweight or resistance bands, for those training at home. The benefits of resistance training go beyond just what you see in the mirror. Resistance training benefits your strength, cardiovascular health and self-confidence.

How Does It Work?
After joining PUSHH, you’ll start your journey by entering your weight and height measurements and current fitness levels. This will help us track your results and chart your progress. You can then tell us how many days a week you’d like to train, and whether you’d like to work out at home or in the gym.

After this, we’ll recommend you a specific program, however you can pick from any of the 16 programs available. After connecting your Apple Health or Google Fit to the app, you can create your personalised workout program, and start your first workout!

Each workout features a video demonstration and written exercise description, so it’s easy to master the movements, even if you’ve never set foot in a gym before!

What Are the Workouts Like?
We’ve worked with the world’s best exercise scientists and coaches to formulate resistance training programs to give you the sculpted body you want, as well as offering you the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime.

Each workout incorporates a blend of resistance training and cardio, depending on whether your fitness goals are to sculpt your body, tone up, lose fat or build your booty. While we’ve created PUSHH to be that first step in your fitness journey, our workouts also progress with you, increasing in intensity and volume as your strength and fitness improves.

What Else Do We Offer?
We’re more than just a workout app. PUSHH features a heap of continually updating resources to level up your lifting, like nutritious recipes, workout tips, motivation and mindfulness training. PUSHH also includes a heap of cool in-app features like workout scheduling, results tracking and motivational messages for a more personalised training experience.

Do I Need a Gym Membership For PUSHH?
Not at all! If your fitness journey takes place at home, we offer plenty of home workout options to bring the benefits of the gym to your backyard.

Change your life and feel on top of the world with PUSHH!
By Mariah Lattas

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