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The Top 5 The Benefits of Resistance Training for Women

While the weight room used to be a man’s kingdom, more and more women are taking their rightful place in the squat rack.

Hours of sweat-soaked cardio sessions and spin classes are being exchanged for heavy squats, as women embrace resistance training both in the gym and at home.

With resistance workouts giving more women stronger, healthier, more sculpted bodies, apps like PUSHH have been created to guide women through their fitness journey, helping to demystify strength training and replace feelings of anxiety and intimidation with empowerment and self-confidence.

Need that extra motivation to give resistance training a shot? Check out five of the best benefits of resistance training for women!


Forget those outdated myths and stereotypes. Following a resistance training program doesn’t mean you’ll ‘bulk up’ like a bodybuilder within weeks. Women produce about 5 to 10 percent of the amount of testosterone men produce, which seriously limits the amount of muscle they can gain naturally. What resistance training will do is give you a healthier, more capable body, improved bone health and better posture. Lifting heavy weights also recruits your core, giving you a seriously strong set of abs. This means everyday activities like walking up the stairs and carrying the shopping will feel so much easier!


By building more muscle you’ll ensure your body burns fat throughout the day, even when you’re not in the gym. This is because the increased lean muscle mass helps your body burn a greater number of overall calories throughout the day, rather than store them as excess energy in the form of fat cells.


A sore back and aching knees don’t have to be a part of your morning ritual. Strengthening the muscles surrounding your supporting joints can help prevent injuries and give you a healthier body, as stronger muscles will better hold your joints in position and correct imbalances in muscle groups.


Spending hours pounding the pavement or sweating on the stair climber isn’t the only way to get a sculpted body. When it comes to accentuating your feminine curves and getting a tighter, toned body, nothing beats resistance workouts, whether it’s a heavy gym session or home workout.


Embracing the iron has benefits that extend beyond the physical side. Resistance training can change your relationship with your body, helping you see it for what it can do, rather than how it looks in the mirror. The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment you get from seeing yourself improve and set new PB’s empowers you to feel confident in your life beyond the gym. Your resistance workouts can also be super beneficial for your mental health and be part of an effective self-care routine, with the endorphins from strength training serving as a powerful mood booster.

Discover what can happen when women lift weights. Change your life and feel on top of the world with PUSHH!


By Sean Nunan

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